Coderouge - When women bleed too much

An average of 16 years elapses between the appearance of a woman’s bleeding disorder symptoms and a correct diagnosis. No woman should suffer in silence. In an effort to connect with young women across Canada, we’ve published an e-novella –
"A Negative" – on Wattpad to educate them about the symptoms in an engaging and thought-provoking way.

To read "A Negative", a compelling e-novella about a young woman dealing with an undiagnosed bleeding disorder, click here.

Common symptoms of bleeding disorders

  • Icon Woman Heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding
  • Icon Cross Easy bruising
  • Icon Tooth Prolonged bleeding after dental procedures
  • Icon Baby Abnormal bleeding after childbirth
  • Icon Nose Frequent and prolonged nosebleeds
  • Icon Drop Abnormal bleeding after surgery or trauma

What is an inherited bleeding disorder?

It is a lifelong condition in which blood doesn't clot normally. The majority of women who have a bleeding disorder are not yet diagnosed. The most common bleeding disorder, affecting up to 1% of the population, is von Willebrand disease.


“I was always afraid of bleeding through my clothing. I never wore anything but dark-coloured slacks or skirts. And I still do to this day!”


“My grandmother gave birth to 11 children and hemorrhaged almost every time. Since then, she, along with several relatives including myself, were diagnosed with von Willebrand disease. My obstetrician is therefore taking special precautions for the delivery of my child.”

“I went to the emergency room multiple times because my periods were so heavy and the only answer I got was: It's normal, some women bleed like that for many days.”

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“Teachers and principals don't understand why I have to leave the classroom; they just don't allow it so I stay home during my periods.”


“If only we had known about my disorder much sooner... it could have prevented my hysterectomy after the birth of my daughter.”


“Extremely heavy periods ruled my life and I saw doctor after doctor. Later, I had severe painful bruising after surgery and was told it was normal. Years later, I was diagnosed with a bleeding disorder.”